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JOC Sports Environment Ambassadors

Sports cannot be enjoyed if there is no proper environment. The JOC has established the JOC Sport and Environment Commission for the sake of creating an environment conducive for sports at all times by promoting environmental awareness using posters and banners at sporting events and roping in Olympic players and teams to spread the message of environmental conservation.

Shuzo Matsuoka

Shuzo Matsuoka (Tennis)

Born 1967 in Tokyo. Competed in the the Seoul, Barcelona and Atlanta games.
"During my playing days, I suddenly experienced breathing difficulties during a match, and had to abandon the game. The cause was due to photochemical smog which I learned was due to the effect of global warming. Since then, I have felt that sports is something that can only be carried out in a proper natural environment. If global warming proceeds as it is now, it will only be a matter of time before the Winter Olympic can no longer be held. Because of this, I believe it is our duty to relay to people the importance of protecting the natural environment."

Kenji Ogiwara

Kenji Ogiwara (Ski , Nordic combined)

Born 1969 in Gunma Prefecture. Team gold medalist at the Albertville and Lillehammer Games. Also competed at the Nagano and Salt Lake City Games.
"Taking a deep breath, quenching a thirst, and go for an extra mile. I would like to share and fulfill these ordinary values with everyone."

Tsugiharu Ogiwara

Tsugiharu Ogiwara (Ski, Nordic combined)

Born 1969 in Gunma Prefecture. Participated in the Nagano Winter Games.
"Obeying the rules is important in sports. Protecting the Earth is also an important rule. People who love sports love this planet."

Motoko Obayashi

Motoko Obayashi (Volleyball)

Born 1967 in Tokyo. Competed in the Seoul, Barcelona and Atlanta Games.
"We must stand up and do whatever we can to save this beautiful environment that mother earth offers. Let's get together for us, and for sports!"

Junichi Miyashita

Junichi Miyashita (Swimming)

Born 1983 in Kagoshima Prefecture. Bronze medalist in the 4x100m medley relay in the Beijing Games.
"If there is no water to drink, there is no water for us to swim either. Let's save the environment so we that can keep enjoying sports!"

Motoko Obayashi

Hanae Ito (Swimming)

Born 1985 in Saitama Prefecture. Competed in the Beijing and London Games.
"Sports is the symbol of peace! Think how we can contribute to this planet, and let's act through sports."